Gifts for Kids (by age)

Not to brag, but I give great gifts to kids. So many parents have told me that the gift I gave their child for Christmas, birthday, or their baby shower is the favorite, most used, or most useful. What’s my secret? I just pay attention to what my kids love and use the most, and then choose those items as gifts! I will say that I do spend a fair amount of time trolling Amazon as well for great gift ideas. Here are some criteria that I use when choosing something that I haven’t received or given before:

  • It doesn’t make a mess. I try to stay away from Play-doh, paint, and anything that another parent would curse me for. There are some exceptions, especially with some Melissa & Doug items.
  • Does it have too many pieces? I have a friend who is great at keeping her kid’s toys organized and pieces together in one place. I have another friend who hates toys with lots of pieces because of the mess and hassle of keeping everything together. So I choose gifts accordingly.
  • Is it high quality? How are the review? Does it seem like it can take a beating? Are the materials safe and non-toxic?
  • Is it age appropriate for all kids (and fur babies) in the house? Stuffed animals for a family who has a dog that likes to chew–not a good idea. Small Legos for a family that recently welcomed a baby–not a good idea. A gift so cool that a sibling will want one too–skip it or just send two.

Below are some of the favorite gifts we have given or received. The list goes up to age 7, because that’s as far as we’ve gotten!

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